At the bench

April 24


This weekend's show has been cancelled - sometimes the only thing to do is cuddle a kitten.

April 22


Final push toward this weekend’s Limestone Art Show. Come on out and support local artists!

April 19


I’ve been a little busy these past few weeks, getting ready for the Limestone Art Show - set the goal of creating an entirely new line for in need of a glass of wine!

April 11


Sometimes inspiration comes from the incredible ladies that have supported me right from day one. Thank you ❤️

March 29


I need to say a ‘thank you’ to Nancy Whitney for trusting me with her mother’s silverware. The earrings will hang from argentium hooks and the dagger from argentium chain. All three were originally spoons.


March 19


These pictures are of fork tines, cut, shaped and polished into rings. I left them in this semi-finished state because I liked the effect my saw left. My mom (and biggest fan) has told me she loves them but I’m fighting the urge to sand and finish them smooth. 

March 18


Join me under the Dome at the Kingston Limestone Art Show, April 26th to the 28th.
I will be one of the Artists participating in this great show. Thousands of Canadian Handmade items await you! Admission to the show is Free!

March 14


They’re so shiny I couldn’t photograph them without reflections! Oh the horrors of gorgeous silver!


February 15


Our new site is up and ready! We’re back at and can’t wait for you to check it out! Artist applications have started pouring in and the 2019 show is looking to be big! A big thank you for all of the support and enthusiasm ❤️

February 6


BETA TEST! We are looking to update our website and would love constructive input. Visit our temporary web address and use the CONTACT US form to let us know what you think - your help is greatly appreciated!

February 3


Thousand Islands Arts will be hosting its annual Rockport Spring Art Fair, May 18 & 19 10am - 4pm. Artist applications will be accepted until May 1st with ongoing jury selection. Online applications and payment will be available through 


January 29


Soldering: set it on fire then hammer it into pretty; stress relief when it goes right, tears when it doesn’t; first step along the road to creativity.

January 24


I came up against several obstacles this past week - some of which have been valuable lessons (i.e. don’t use soft solder on brass) while others are mysteries (why is my acid solution, in a sealed container, crystallizing OUTSIDE said container?!)
Needless to say I’ll be continuing with soldering practice - and maybe buying a new rice cooker...

January 15


Fire proofing of my soldering station is complete. Included in the new setup is a fire extinguisher, propane torch, concrete board, and fire bricks. Now, fingers crossed, I won’t set the house on fire. To christen the new playground my focus for this next week will be a back to basics soldering regimen - rings, rings, and more rings - wish me luck!

January 1


Happy New Year!
For 2019 I’d like to invite you behind the scenes and into my workshop. Each month will have a creative focus and each focus will be broken down into weekly projects. January’s focus will be all things soldering and since I have yet to fire-proof my soldering station, this week’s goal will be installing metal sheeting, concrete board and fire bricks. Say goodbye to living dangerously!