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About Me


In the beginning...

Almost two years ago I took up jewelry making.  At that time I played with wire and beads but quickly came to realize that this type of 'assembly' was limiting.  I knew what I wanted to do but didn't know how to go about doing it.

My work

The pieces that you see now are typically the product of experimentation - as I learn new skills and methods of design and fabrication I sell what I create.  There have been several occasions where I have been approached to create a special piece and it has been those times where I have been most challenged and have created some of my favourite pieces.  

Where I'm headed

For 2019 I've challenged myself to keep a social media schedule - a way of making myself accountable - in order to work on improving the skills I've already learned, and to move forward with my metalsmithing.


I am so excited to announce that Lime Shack Designs will be an official sponsor of Retreat Golden!  Take a moment and check out the incredible running and hiking retreats in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains!  


Upcoming Shows:

P.E.D.W.I. Craft Show, August 1


Lime Shack Designs is available at

Wiltse Creek Studio

 in the Outlet at Charleston Lake.